Our Story

In the early hours of a March morning in 2014, God was calling Wayne Wyatt to initiate a bible study in the Mercerville section of Hamilton Township. The direction was clear and it included the location. A meeting room of Station 12 firehouse at the 5-Points intersection in the very center of town. This decree was affirmed upon meeting the Fire Chief who not only welcomed the idea, but, asked Pastor Wyatt if he would be the Chaplain of the firehouse and officiate at special events. Six months later a weekly bible study became Sunday worship services and by the beginning of 2015, three weekly church meetings. A second revelation unfolded months after our inaugural service. Each road leading to and from 5-Points travels through each of the communities we have been called to serve.

In addition to serving as shepherd for our young sapling of a ministry, Pastor Wyatt is the North Central Jersey District Superintendent, a region of United Pentecostal Church International. His deep passion for sharing the Word of God has drawn him into outreach evangelism, prison ministry, teaching a variety of classes outside the church and other community help efforts. Pastor Wyatt is active in guiding others to serve in similar roles. We have four dedicated ministers serving relentlessly to support the vision The Lord Jesus has given Pastor Wyatt for the Church.


Christ Centered Church has grown from 9 members in year one to over 150 regular attendees at last count. Currently, we continue to rent space in the Mercerville Fire Station in Hamilton. With-in the four walls of this room, we have Thursday discipleship classes, two Sunday worship services, Friday evening events, Saturday outreach events as well as Corporate Prayer and education programs all managed carefully to meet the needs of our community. We also live-stream our services and have viewers from more than a dozen USA and international locations. Our local ‘mission field’ extends to all of the surrounding communities. Most of the saints live in Trenton, Lawrence, East Windsor, Robbinsville, Burlington, Bordentown, Florence, Princeton, Philadelphia, Eastern PA, Ewing and Hamilton. We are active doing the Lord’s work in all these neighborhoods.

We perform community service for several Trenton and Hamilton non-profit agencies like Better Community Housing of Trenton, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Water’s Edge Rehabilitation Center and Family Services- Mercer Co. We have a prison ministry that serves Mercer County Corrections Center in maximum security pods, offer in-home Bible studies weekly and anger management classes where requested. We are a chapter of a national organization, Celebrate Recovery, offering addiction ministry and recovery strategies to overcome strongholds. Christ Centered Church intends to make a difference in the lives of others. We seek to equip all we serve with skills, strategies and hope for a bright tomorrow. We are purposeful to lead others toward success, resourcefulness and a sense of accountability in all endeavors and it is our intention to expand community focused programs when possible. Space and time permitting, with God’s direction, we strive to enrich all that they may fulfill their life’s purpose.